Andy Howard, left, and Jim Flynn have helped Wingstop to fast growth nationally. Retrieved 10 04, , from chinahighlights: Wings will be open 7 days a week not including holidays, days per year. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Wings will provide some unique options such as free sample size portion of fries with a side of the monthly sauce flavor and the option to mix flavors of wings in groups of three in any order. With your investment, we will be able to reach our targets presented in the appendices of this business financial proposal plan. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

As the company grows, the investors share will decrease until the Wings can fully function using leverage from the bank to provide the loans required. Once the company is able to create enough profit, it will establish another branch within the center of the city, this will allow for the capacity of distribution to be handled easier as one of the branches will focus on delivery and distribution, while the other will have a direct customer to customer approach. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The first customers are local Chinese and expatriates living in Shanghai China. Chef Gaetano Pugliese,

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. October This document has been submitted to Name of the recipient to wingstop business plan that we are looking for financing capital in our company start-up.

Jason Marentette, the founder, lives in China and has over eight years of management experience with an extensive background in entrepreneurship.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to wingstop business plan back to later. Wings will also inspect the facilities or the processing plants to ensure product health and safety is established and maintained.

Wingstop Takes Flight

Wingstop business plan research gathered wingstop business plan be primary and secondary data collected from online websites, direct observation, PDF documents and local contacts. As profits grow, so will the company, expanding from one side of the city to the other until profits generate enough to expand outside of Shanghai and to other large city in China.

Show related SlideShares at end. We will cater to both Chinese people and Foreign expatriates who want to enjoy good quality chicken smothered in a variety of interesting flavors. Wings will have many deviations during start-up, but the main goals and focus will remain wingstop business plan same.

As the company grows in popularity, the company will hire more staff and increase the volume of distribution channels until the company is no longer able to provide additional services at maximum capacity. Depending on importation cost, Wings plans to have imported beer and other alcohol from North America. Our competitors have also dealt with unknown risk, financial discomforts and have adapted deeply into the Asian market.

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Wings Corporation 39 Contingency and Harvesting Plan Contingency Plan Strategies for dealing with deviations from wingstop business plan plan Like all companies, deviations change the outcome of the proposed plan.

For promotional purposes, Wings restaurants will also advertise a new limited time flavor each month. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All customer orders will be brought to table at the same time 7. The first customers are local Chinese and expatriates living in Shanghai Wingstop business plan. The second is providing a food quality that is unbeatable in the current market in order to retain customer satisfaction that provides repeat market sales.

Some of the wingstop business plan processes such as human resources, marketing and delivery will be outsourced to reduce cost of overhead and to provide company brand awareness. He also is currently taking a degree program at Davenport University, studying Business administration – Wingstop business plan Business.

As long as wingstop business plan is able to keep the image of a western restaurant and maintain that status to in the eyes of the locals living in Shanghai, then it should be able to profit enough to achieve financial stability.

Third is the overall management of an international team, creating budget plans and goals that are carrying the day-to-day operations, while utilizing the basic criteria is of the operation.

The first is the services section of the business, having the correct team to provide the right atmosphere for customers. Wings Corporation 16 Competitor Analysis All competitors have established a pre-defined global supply-chain; this will lead to quick pace establishments and secure market share.

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This would require a bilingual Chinese and English operation manager who is in charge of the servers and sales. Wingstop business plan government has been able to largely prevent a strong Ren min bi as it retains control over cross border capital movements. Naturally using wingstop business plan standard excel provided, the accuracy should be to its highest potential. Wingstop business plan chicken wings can be coated with the sauce or remain on the side in a circular portion size cup for dipping purposes.

Wings Corporation 24 Layout of Restaurant The restaurant layout is the projection idea of the first Wings restaurant. Management will have internal control of employees to ensure that all staff members are working as a team and all parties are responsible to do their jobs quickly and professionally. Larsen, Janet, This company needs to have an investment plan for its wealth contingency to broaden its market while investing in its future.

Wingstop – Franchise Cost | How Much Does It Cost To Start A Franchise

To help us better serve the information needs of our audience, please complete the information below. Wingstop business plan Required Personnel Some of the personnel that will have to become involved in the operations are the cooks, servers, managers, delivery services, accounting employees, global supply chain supervisors and cashiers.

The long-term objective is to grow the company wingstop business plan a standard structure that can be adapted as a franchise. The local chamber of commerce and area phone directories may prove helpful for identifying your competition wingstop business plan the area, after which you can conduct research to evaluate its profitability and weaknesses.

Prototyping The menu and flavors will be defined in December ofGaetano Pugliese will design the menu prototypes using his past experience. Long-Term Objectives The long-term objective is to grow the company while reducing owners grasp on all areas of the company.

The Head wingstop business plan will manage all kitchen establishments, purchasing inventory, be in charge of the cook, and prep chef.


Government Involvement Wingstop business plan of influence government has on the private business. Wings plans to structure the business with an American mentality and be extremely franchise friendly. Server brings menus to customer, goes to the kitchen pass-line to pick up sample portion fries with sauce and brings to customer. Wings wingstop business plan to take advantage of that niche and penetrate the market ahead of other competitors.

At minimum, you will need a basic Buffalo wing sauce, a mild sauce and one that is very spicy.