Last edited by Erwin; 8th September at It looks now like the whole first bill which included the upfront fee for the iPhone has been cancelled after I complained for the series of stuff ups I sustained. Last edited by Erwin; 7th September at I just checked my bill. The employees often work from home as well. Is it normal for Telstra to charge in advance? That’s how it works out in my head.

Btw, I’m on a 12 month business contract, and Telstra is allowing me to upgrade to 24 months to take advantage of the extra 1 Gb data for free. Don’t start me on switching between consumer and business plans! Spoke to another person in Telstra business who added the 1 Gb to my other phone plan, so both phone plans have the 1 Gb bonus and I get to stay on the current 12 month plans, so all good. I’d heard Telstra’s billing was pretty bad but, really, how hard is it to issue a bill with a list of numbers that add up correctly? Can’t complain about that.

The offer has being extended again until 21st September. The tricks of the trade explained, like bundling, fleet plans and BYO handsets. It may be more practical to add a data pack.

Telstra Next G Cap $49

The excess usage rate is 10c a megabyte. The best fleet plans for small business are the ones that combine free calls between users on the same account with a generous allowance of credit.

I telstra business mobile cap plan $49 took in my bill for my USB modem which Telstra business mobile cap plan $49 left on the old billing system to make sure I would be fine The employees often work from home as well.

Top 25 fantasy games of all time. Telstra admits its role under NBN is hurting. Thats how the system works. She can save money by tethering her new iPhone to her laptop instead of having a separate mobile broadband service. Image resizer by SevenSkins. Other content copyright Niche Media Pty Ltd.

So your first bill covers what was left of the month when you joined and also the next month. Telstra takes Optus to court over advertising campaign. A public relations company has 10 employees with work-issued smartphones. Bundling your mobile phone bill with other services offered by that provider either saves money off your bill or gets you special perks that would otherwise cost you money.

Avoid paying too much telstra business mobile cap plan $49 A stuff up from Telstra in Cloverdale WA. The company is due to come off contract from their Vodafone business plan, and is looking for a provider that offers better coverage and faster data speeds.

$49 My Business Mobile Casual Plan

If you want a mobile phone along with a mobile broadband modem or a tablet, you can also find deals telstra business mobile cap plan $49 bundle the two together. Just need to keep a stack of prepaid Optus SIMs in the drawer and to the off network post as I described above As in they shouldn’t be charged, so the credit should be for the amount of the datapack.

So initially it looks like Telstra charged me for something they shouldn’t have i. If certain workers are telstra business mobile cap plan $49 up lots of data, making calls to overseas numbers, or using their phones overseas, there are add-on packs you can apply that work out to be far cheaper. You pay a month in advance. You must be a registered member of Business IT to post a comment.

Looks like we may have joined Telstra on the same day, with the same plan.

The dark art of paying less for mobile phone calls – Services – Business IT

It such an easy situation to solve for the Telstra staff, they just have telstra business mobile cap plan $49 think outside the square They probably don’t have enough iphones to meet demand. Join the discussion now! Most popular tech stories. An electrician has three workers that need to be able to take orders over the phone and communicate to the office throughout the day. Moving from a consumer plan to a Telstra Business plan is a painful exercise as they move you between two billing systems – you number need to be migrated internally between the two.

Btw, I’m on a 12 month business contract, and Telstra is allowing me to upgrade to 24 months to take advantage of the extra 1 Gb telstra business mobile cap plan $49 for free. If your employees make a lot of calls to each other, moving to a fleet plan means you may be able to reduce your mobile spend by going on a lower-value cap.

It also comes with 10 mobile broadband devices with 1.

I have just received my first bill, and it’s very odd. Takes a month for the port apparently, and it’s not guaranteed. This bundle offers excellent value, and comes with everything the company needs to get started.

Telstra Mobile business cap plans get an overhaul

You can then invest less than half of that into buying smartphones outright for each employee, or pocket the entire saving if you already have handsets in your inventory. Optus stands out as a provider with plenty of bundles on offer.

Rohan Ganeson, director of sales at Optus, agrees.