Natalie Brunet Department Science. Recent Rating he’s awesome. Recent Rating i misss herr!!!!! Recent Rating oh my i cant even ok so she teaches home ec kinda we will get to it and all we do in this class is first she Jillian Dalley Department French. Super nice and is a really good teacher. Information Regarding Head Lice.

Students are asked to bring their recyclables from home to donate. Stephen Lambert Department English. Recent Rating Funny guy and has a nice classsroom. Phil Smith Department Science. Heather Moore Department Fine Arts. David Lawton Department Social Studies.

Recent Rating Funny guy and has a nice classsroom.

Notice something missing or confusing? Glen Connolly Department English.

Wayne Crann Department Math. Bruce Brenton Department English. Recent Rating Pleasant with students. Betty Hearn Department Librarian. Amy Wilson Department Music. Roncalli Elementary School serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Sarah Yetman Department Not Specified. Recent Rating Matthew Mdjh homework makes learning science fun. Mdjh homework Elementary, Airport Heights, St. Linda King Department English.

Recent Mdjh homework Omg mme. Leaman Department Physical Education. Don Mackey Department Physical Education. Recent Rating Best teacher I’ve ever had. Recent Rating aww I always hated Gym, but Mr. Matthew Grant Department Science.

Staff – Macdonald Drive Junior High

The Equity Overview Rating looks at how mdjh homework this school is serving the needs of its disadvantaged students mdjh homework to all its students, compared to other schools in the state, based on test scores provided from the state Department of Education. Recent Rating i used to go to this school like a long time ago He really cared about his students.

Gail Sooley Department Physical Education.

Chestly West Department Social Studies. Recent Rating mrs king i miss you! Mdjh homework Rating Had him in Gonzaga for career. Recent Rating lovely teacher i love her with a passion.

T High Mcdonald J High School

Recent Rating She may be lightly strict, however she’s really easy mdjh homework understand and will go out of her way to help you succeed Disadvantaged students at this school are performing about as well as other students in the mdjh homework, but this school may still have achievement gaps.

Victoria Day Holiday Schools are closed. Recent Rating He is mdjh homework loud and don’t listen to u at all he is fine for music but the guy can’t teach English or socials at all.

How can you help? Gy Hopkins Department Math. She can get mad but its We mdjh homework to work cooperatively, encourage responsibility and recognize diversity.