I interviewed at Grail Research Noida. Previous 1 2 3 Next. It was a campus drive. After another hour and a half when I still wasnt called I asked the reception staff to find out how long will it be. It took me a lot of time in deciding about the approach. Follow Add an Interview. The test is purely a cognitive assessment which helps you screen right fit candidates before interview rounds.

The test served no purpose as no candidates were eliminated on the basis of the test and they asked everyone to stay while they called candidates one by one for guesstimate interviews. I interviewed at Grail Research in December I was informed that the next round is the Director round but for that I’ll have to waste another day and come back again since that chap was not in office! I was finally called for the case study round at 4. Interview Questions Case Study 1- estimate the number of women’s business suits priced above 10k sold in Delhi in Case study 2- estimate the number of coca-cola cans sold in India.

Answer to common queries: The person came back again in 25 mins and made me feel as if he was doing a favour on me by giving his 10 mins.

Interview It was a campus drive. I was asked to explain my approach and i was cross questioned about my approach.

Interview The process had three rounds. Quants was relatively easy. This time since I expressed serious discomfort and dissappointment over their behaviour the HR executive personally talked to me on the phone and showed no regret over the mismanagement and told me that I had no reasons for any complaints as the job description already mentioned that it would an entire day.

This kind of mistreatment of job seekers by HR executives is blasphemous and very unprofessional. How does your company compare? Interview First of all, there was an online aptitude test of 1 hour consisting grail research placement papers Quantitative ability, Data Grail research placement papers and an essay.

Then Interview with HR of the company.

Our Product Specialist will get in touch with you right away. Even before going for the recruitment process, I had read similar reviews on glass door condemning the unnecessarily long waiting period throughout the day of recruitment but had no idea that it would be so bad. This will replace the current featured interview grail research placement papers this targeted profile.

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It was a walk-in where they shortlist you on the basis of your Resume. Would you like us to review something?

Flag this Item Cancel. Interview First there was a written Aptitude Test of about 45 minutes. Note You will be charged only at step 3.

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Out of 50 approximately 15 were selected. Then grail research placement papers i was given another guesstimate this time tougher one No. It was already 7 in the evening and i was tired. Basic questions from resume were also asked. View All num of num Close Esc. I interviewed at Grail Research New Delhi.

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There are 3 male and 1 female guards at the reception who just keep telling to wait. Yes, we can do so grail research placement papers. Second round was a technical round which had just a single geustimate question.

Initial phone screen, then flew me out to SF to do presentation and multiple panel interviews.

Organizations can use this test for recruitment of grail research placement papers from for entry level profiles with years experience.

English English Spanish German Portuguese. The process took 1 day. Interview It was a guesstimate process. First was a quant based test which was below CAT level. It took two days.