The decision isn’t easy at all. Posted March 22 edited. Saw a couple admits a while ago, does anyone know if their protocol is to ghost rejected applicants? Waiting is the worst! I plan to work steadily to continue to publish and, ultimately, put a book out, present as often as possible at conferences, and take full advantage of my future program’s career services.

Posted February 19, So it seems like it’s also the season for interviews, if anyone’s wondering Sign In Sign Up. No, you are not the only one. Acceptances will go out in February. I’d go for an MFA first. Also, someone on another forum said that they called to decline their spot and were told that there was a long waitlist.

If you have any questions about the programs, feel free to ask. Cornell will be wildly competitive.

gradcafe phd creative writing As others have mentioned, the market isn’t exactly booming right now. I’ve applied for a nonfiction MFA at these schools: I think these would be good options if you don’t already have an MA. Got my hopes up for a second when I saw the email. Already have an account?

Not a PhD applicant but likewise hoping to hear soon. I highly recommend audiobooks. It is what it is. I did apply there, though I’m not holding my breath, lol.

Very gradcafe phd creative writing to be starting there in the fall. I can see why it would be tempting if it’s a huge name like Columbia, but what about the ones that aren’t big brand name schools? But my writing score remained the same Posted February 6, But I also have a job I like and a partner. Remember that, across the board, more will be expected from students who have already done some graduate work than students coming straight from undergrad. I’m not part of the FB group, so I’m glad we have this little corner where we can share news Thanks for gradcafe phd creative writing info!!

Like us on Facebook. Now I feel like, why did I even bother? A strange combination of comfort and disappointment.

Anyway, I appreciate your response. Anyone on the facebook group have any news to pass along on these programs? It’s in incredible accomplishment to have been waitlisted at Syracuse.

Go To Topic Listing Literary. Gradcafe phd creative writing February 18, Rejected from the waitlist with a form letter suggesting I apply again. Anyone on the Poetry waitlist for NYU heard back yet? Iowa started notifying yesterday. Could you really be in love with a program that doesn’t fund its students? Particularly in the MFA degree categories.

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Already have an account? Good luck, poets and fiction writers! Posted February 19, I think what they have going on there is truly exciting. Good luck to you as well! Congratulations to those accepted with funding! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It doesn’t get easy, never was. Notified by e-mail to check application portal for status. Good idea bumping this thread again.

Waiting to hear back from one waitlist, and declined my underfunded offers. Finally received a response from Miami University today. It’s still I think? According to the results page here, University gradcafe phd creative writing South Carolina is one of the earliest decisions I’ve seen.

You may be accepted to the PhD program in English Literature but not allowed to do a creative dissertation. Sign up for a new account in gradcafe phd creative writing community. This wason of my top three choices and I accepted immediately. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

I assume that’s the case for most schools since the 15th is on a Sunday.

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I’m asking because I was accepted at two partially funded programs and rejected from all the fully funded ones. You may well want to wait it out for another top program next year, depending on what your gradcafe phd creative writing parameters are. Some will offer assistantships for working on research projects, editing their literary journals, etc.